• HOA Board

    Our HOA leadership team consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director. All Board officers are volunteer positions with staggered one or two year terms. The role of Meridian HOA board is to create a sense of community by encouraging residents to be the eyes and ears of the neighborhood, identify and resolve issues, which can range from safety to questions about the common areas. Meridian residents are encouraged to attend the annual HOA meeting and six yearly Board meetings. Each Board meeting begins with a resident forum and homeowners are invited to make suggestions. The Board will notify residents of these meetings via email. You can contact the HOA Board via email

  • Social Committee:

    This committee is responsible for setting a yearly budget and managing social events for the community. This committee has been a constant source of community bonding experiences over many years and we owe these volunteers many thanks for all they do. You can contact the Social Committee via email

  • Architectural Control Committee:

    This committee is responsible for the timely review and approval of resident applications for property improvements or new construction. You can contact the Architectural Control Committee via our property manager – Aaron Weinkrantz at

  • Lake and Trails Committee:

    This committee is responsible for identifying ways to improve the area around the lake to take full advantage of this amenity. You can contact the Lake and Trails Committee via email and

  • Pool Committee:

    This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding pool and pavilion area amenity improvements, maintenance needs, and vendor contracts. You can contact the Pool Committee via email

  • Landscape Committee:

    This committee is responsible for identifying maintenance and landscape needs and/or improvement to all of the shared landscaped areas throughout the neighborhood. You can contact the Landscape Committee via email

  • Communications and Welcome Committee:

    This committee is responsible for implementing a communications strategy between residents and the Board, maintaining the Meridian HOA website, and providing information to new residents. You can contact the Communications Committee via email

  • Safety and Transportation Committee:

    This committee is responsible for vital crime prevention services, community awareness, and education within the community. You can contact the Neighborhood Watch & Safety Committee via email

  • Pond Committee:

    Monitors the maintenance of 4 detention ponds. You can contact the Pond Committee via email